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Clipping Path & Masking Service

Clipping path in imaging is one of the essential services provide by PearlsTekStudio that cater to a wide variety of online-based businesses. They remain the most useful to e-commerce businesses, which uses the images as a primary means of attracting customers in buying the product.

Image clipping involves the procedure of modifying the background of an image, thereby assuring high-quality of the pictures. Clipping path technique is commonly applied in many areas like advertising agencies, publishing companies, e-commerce websites, photography, etc.

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Simple Clipping Path

Simple Clipping Path images involving smooth, straight edges form simple clipping path jobs. Several goods displayed in e-commerce websites only entail a simple clipping path service. Because the Simple path slightly differs from above. Meanwhile in this photo clipping applied to the curved products with one hole. If the product has an outer and inner outline such a pair of headphones, watch, mug, shoes, camera, earring, etc. In additional words, when an item has one hole and background is visible outside and inside it. Hence, it needs simple Paths.

Skyline Black and White Skyline Full Color
Skyline Black and White Skyline Full Color

Medium Clipping Path

Medium clipping paths needs for those images which have multiple holes and curves more than simple. One of the great examples of this is a player’s action in the game. He may be running, dipping a basketball or in the mid-air, with the skateboard and the swimming pool etc. Finally, all of these images have negative space and unusually shaped. That means watches, belts, shoes, rings, foods and mechanical parts, etc. used compound photo clipping to cut them out. In this way, add or replace them to a different background. Pen tool helps to select the object perfectly by the hand-drawn clip.

Complex Clipping

Complex image clipping is the combination of many illusory closed critical paths that applied to the pictures and designs of the complex shapes. Moreover, images have many irregular shapes and negative spaces and when an image is not solid, use this technique. Most of the group photos where five people standing still and 10 members of a guard marching. Furthermore, it is not just sufficient to cut out the outline of the bicycle. Besides, there needs to cut the negative space between the wheels or spoke of the bicycle. Furniture, bicycle, flower, motorbike, furry dummy, etc. are eligible for this.

Skyline Black and White Skyline Full Color
Skyline Black and White Skyline Full Color

Alpha or Channel Masking

Alpha or channel Masking is a technique where complex objects e.g. Human Models, furry products etc are extracted to be placed on any kind of background effortlessly. This masking process is used for translucent images. It ensures smooth edge isolation of images. When using Alpha Channel, we separate the desired object from the background and save it as Alpha Channel and edit elements like brightness, exposure, contrast, etc.
The alpha channels are lighter than raw files. They are capable of being uploaded, downloaded, or edited with ease. Through alpha channel masking, further image retouching services become easy, and photos can be edited precisely without any issues faced.

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