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Product Photo Retouching Service

To trade a product successfully on websites which particularly deal with the sale of products, the photographs need to meet the competitive level of their brands.

A perfect product image requires a calming background which is not much catchy, clipping out of the background, removal of stray threads and hair, color correction and maintaining the exact composure of the image. So what are you still waiting for? Enjoy our services and make your sale worthwhile.

At The PearlsTekStudio, we offer professional product photo retouching services to give your brands an awesome first expression. Our image editing services Include:

Reflection and Shadow

Reflection show is a technique that is crafted in the background and it is made to attain some sort of reflection on the object. Our expert team of professionals creates mirror-like reflection shadow effect for you that will look realistic and at a competitive price. Mirror Reflection fundamentally means shadows or reflections that are created in a glass or mirror. This sort of mirroring effects needs to be made to look natural. Our expert team can create realistic mirror shadow, water reflection, glass reflection effects for you that will look realistic at the expense of a competitive price.

Skyline Black and White Skyline Full Color
Skyline Black and White Skyline Full Color

Apparel Shaping

While doing Apparel Photography, products are often pinned or taped to the Background causing a lot of distortion. Also, these apparels are lying around in the studio on top of each other which create wrinkles in the fabric. Product Photo editing experts at PearlsTekStudio will align and reshape the products to give them a more professional look. Also, we iron out all the creases and wrinkles from the apparels to give them a neat look. After all who likes to wear distorted and wrinkled clothes? So our advance clothing photo retouching service help to reshaping apparel photographs.


PearlsTekStudio have an expert team to provide high-quality hollow man services. Because online shopping is becoming more popular day-by-day, online clothing retail is one of the fastest developing industries. If you are part of the growing online clothing business, it’s imperative to stand out amongst the crowded market.
This is where we jump in. Product retouching is a process of e-commerce photo editing. The goal is to get more attention with the photo, so customers want to buy the product without wondering if the quality is being compromised. High quality and appealing photos of products are what we specialize in.

Skyline Black and White Skyline Full Color
Skyline Black and White Skyline Full Color


PearlsTekStudio is committed to bringing affordable, high-quality professional photo for all. Whether you need color correction, Color mapping, photo retouching, photo restoration and image conversion for your project, we’re here to help.
Re-coloring is our one of the most helpful service to make your photograph look more catchy. As, “Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the harmonies, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another, to cause vibrations in the soul.” Colors in your images are like the notes in a music piece. Often times, in digital images, the color range will drift and paint a picture that’s different than the one you want .

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